The Company

Chairlift Productions is a video production company founded by Garret Weintrob in August, 2013. The company’s original mission was to create high quality promotional videos for small businesses in the Washington, D.C. area, but has since expanded its creative scope, now producing many different types of films with a wide variety of content all over the world. Garret is also a very passionate photographer, focusing mainly on landscape, sports, and adventure photography.


Chairlift Productions offers a wide variety of video production services. Common film projects include college recruiting videos for high school athletes and promotional videos for small businesses. Please email if you are interested in collaborating on a video project.


Garret Weintrob: Founder, Content Creator

Garret founded Chairlift Productions in 2013 with the goal of further pursuing a career in filmmaking by creating a small video production company. He began making movies with his sister and friends when he was 10 years old, and immediately fell in love with the craft. Garret is the primary content creator at Chairlift Productions, managing everything from screenwriting and preproduction to cinematography, sound design, and post production. He is currently a freshman at Wesleyan University and intends to major in film.



Martin Konstantinov: Vice President, Media Strategy


Martin is a prospective economics major from Washington, D.C. He has successfully coordinated several ventures throughout the area and is currently the director of media strategies for Chairlift Productions. Martin oversees client outreach and media strategy and has oversight concerning the overall direction of the company. Martin is currently a freshman at Northwestern University.


Featured Athletes

Alex Andrikopoulous – A New Gear (2014), 2014/15 Ski Edit (2015), Biking Without Newton (2015)

Driscoll Larrow – Waiting for Pancakes (2016)

Brian Selmer – What Brian Selmer Does at Break (2015)

Chase Collins – Biking Without Newton (2015)

Will Buckley – While it Lasts (2017)

High School Athletes: Tej Charfi, Nicki Lane, Jisca Adigo, Charles Branche III, Camille Franks, Jonas Burke, Matthew Smee, Matthew Teplitz, Johnny Comas, Caroline Flibbert, Lynn Farquhar, Lucy Fredell, Addie Lalor, Brittany Mendez


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